Energy Efficiency, Waste Reduction, & Environmental Reporting Solutions



Plan to Save

Realizing long term cost reductions through energy efficiency & waste reduction requires an investment of time and hard earned money.  Zirkelbach Consulting will work with your team to devise a  strategy for your project.  We pride ourselves in identifying incentives early in the planning process to guide financial decision making.  We have experience working with tax deductions such as EPAct 179D, utility incentives, grants, and financing mechanisms.  


Invest Confidently

The real barrier to energy efficiency and waste reduction is not capital; it's lack of confidence.  Energy conservation and waste reduction projects can be complex making it hard for investors to feel confident that projects will perform as advertised.  Zirkelbach Consulting's experienced professionals will conduct"investment quality" energy efficiency and waste reduction analyses to mitigate project performance risk.  We take pride in blending technical modeling and financial expertise so your company can evaluate energy efficiency and waste reduction projects along with other investment opportunities. 


Monitor & Report 

The energy efficiency and waste reduction industries are evolving at a fast pace along with seemingly endless monitoring and disclosure programs.  Zirkelbach Consulting will help your organization monitor and report key performance metrics to programs such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Global Reporting Initiative, EPA Better Buildings Challenge,  and NY's LL84 Benchmarking Rule.  We also manage the LEED Certification process and other building rating systems.